Capitol Police Chief under fire for handling capitol chaos protesters

Capitol Police Chief under fire for handling capitol chaos protesters

By Lacey Crisp & WTMJ News Team. CREATED Sep 21, 2011 - UPDATED: Sep 21, 2011

MADISON- The Capitol Police Chief is under fire for the way he handled protesters during the capitol chaos this spring.

One Republican lawmaker is stopping just short of calling for Capitol Police Chief Tubbs to resignation.

He says the attack on Representative Robin Vos is the latest in a string of attacks on legislators and that the Police Chief is turning a blind eye.

"Legislators are being stalked. It has become physical now and is increasingly dangerous" says Republican Representative Steve Nass.
TODAY'S TMJ4's Lacey Crisp reports that Representative Nass says he wants the Department of Administration to investigate Capitol Police Chief Charles Tubbs to see if he allowed protesters to get too physical with legislators during the capitol chaos.
Nass says protesters are becoming more violent, referring to one man pouring beer over Representative Robin Vos' head last week.
Nass believes that if Capitol Police Chief Tubbs stopped the violent behavior inside the capitol, lawmakers would be safer.

Democratic leader Peter Barca says he doesn't condone some of the behavior, but says there is little capitol police can do.
One extreme liberal group is also calling for an investigation into Chief Tubbs, but they claim he's being to harsh on protesters.

TODAY'S TMJ4 talked to Chief Tubbs Wednesday and he referred them to the Department of the Administration.

They had no comment.