Whitefish Bay house raided for drug bust was foreclosed this summer

Whitefish Bay house raided for drug bust was foreclosed this summer

By Lacey Crisp & WTMJ News Team. CREATED Sep 20, 2011

WHITEFISH BAY- A Whitefish Bay home that was raided with a drug operation inside was foreclosed this summer.

More than a dozen sticks of dynamite, several guns, dried marijuana, and plants were all found inside the home.

Whitefish Bay resident Jennifer Peters was shocked when she heard it was her neighbor that was arrested for having a marijuana growing operation inside this house.

"We walk here every day and never see anything, never suspected that anything was going on inside that house" said Peters.

What's worse, she says, is that guns and dynamite that were confiscated by police while a 10-year-old child was inside the house.

Police found two homemade quarter sticks of dynamite, a box of 15 quarter sticks of dynamite, two one-eighth sticks of dynamite and an M-90 stick of dynamite.

According to Whitefish Bay Police Chief Robert Jacobs, "there were some explosives. The Milwaukee Police Department helped us with the explosives...I think it means a lot to the community to get it out of the community."

TODAY'S TMJ4's Lacey Crisp reports police also confiscated several guns, a Mossberg 702 firearm, similar to the one you are seeing, a Mossberg 500 and a few other guns.

Whitefish Bay Police Chief Robert Jacobs says officers had been to Hollenbeck's house several times before, but never for drugs.   

Authorities are still investigating this case.

That Whitefish Bay house is in his Hollenbeck's ex-wife's name. 

Hollenbeck has to be out of the house by November 2nd and will be back in court on Friday.