Donald Driver to fans: 'THANK YOU'

Donald Driver. | Photo: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Donald Driver to fans: 'THANK YOU'

By Jay Sorgi. CREATED Sep 19, 2011

GREEN BAY - The all-time receiving yardage leader of the Green Bay Packers is offering his gratitude in capitalized letters and heavy emotion towards the franchise and its fan base.

"THANK YOU for the opportunity to play for the greatest franchise, and best fans, in all of sports," Packers receiver Donald Driver said on his Facebook page.

"The Green Bay Packers team goals are absolutely the most important focus for all of us moving forward. With the incredible blessing of the birth of my third child (Charity) last week and becoming the All Time Packers Leading Receiver in Yardage today by surpassing Pro Football Hall of Fame's James Lofton, I also wanted to briefly reflect for a day on the wonderful experiences that I have shared with all of you."

Driver set the record, previously held by James Lofton, during the Packers 30-23 win over the Carolina Panthers on Sunday.

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