Two Marquette students arrested in drug bust

Two Marquette students arrested in drug bust

By WTMJ News Team. CREATED Sep 16, 2011

MILWAUKEE- Milwaukee Police were called to Schroeder Hall after campus police got a tip and authorities went inside and found what sources say were large amounts of drugs.

Now two students are behind bars after this bust.
Late Thursday night students living in Schroeder Hall on Marquette's campus realized something wasn't right.

Milwaukee Police were called by campus police to take over a drug investigation.

That investigation centered around two students who stayed in Schroeder Hall.

Marquette University says the students were in possession of drug paraphernalia and other controlled substances.

Sources say it was a large amount of drugs, but wouldn't specify what kind or whether or not the students planned to sell it to their classmates. 

Marquette University has handed the case to MPD who continues to look into this bust.

Milwaukee Police won't say what the students used the drugs for, or if there's was an intent to sell.

They are awaiting charges Friday night.