Three year old girl hit and killed by MPS school bus

Three year old girl hit and killed by MPS school bus

By Annie Scholz. CREATED Sep 9, 2011

MILWAUKEE - A three year old girl was hit and killed by a school bus near 28th and Mitchell. An MPS bus had just dropped a child off when the driver hit and killed the girl who was coming out of a car.

Nick Leech heard it happen from inside his house. "All I heard was just a big thump, and then I think one of her family members, or whoever was watching the kid, came out screaming."

The bus was coming from Alcott Elementary, transporting kids with special needs. Roseann St. Aubin with Milwaukee Public Schools says there were six kids on the bus. Their parents were notified and they were taken home immediately. "This is something you never anticipate. The middle of the block, and it just happens and it's heartbreaking."

Whether or not the driver is to blame is still under investigation. But one thing is certain according to St. Aubin, a little girl's life was lost too soon. "There's just grief. We feel so badly for this family and want to make certain that point is conveyed. That's as much as we can do tonight, at that feels really helpless."

According to officials, the girl was visiting family and doesn't live in the area. As for the bus driver, there's no word on charges yet, but police say the driver is cooperating with the investigation.