Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin announces bid for U.S. Senate

Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin announces bid for U.S. Senate

By Charles Benson. CREATED Sep 6, 2011

MADISON - The first Democrat has entered the Wisconsin race for U.S. Senate.

Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin made a formal announcement this morning. She talked about the race with Charles Benson.

The election is 14 months away but Baldwin wants to get out of the starting block fast for a race that promises to be expensive and explosive.

Congresswoman Baldwin rolled out her U.S. Senate campaign in a video email to supporters.

"I'm running for the US Senate to stand up for you," said Baldwin.

Baldwin was the first Wisconsin woman elected to congress. She's represented south-central Wisconsin for nearly 14 years which includes the very liberal Madison area and she's been very open about being gay.

Is she a Madison liberal?

"Look, what I am is a fighter and I've stood up to powerful interests through my career in public service," said Baldwin

She sees jobs as the number one priority.

"I will put people back to work building our roads bridges and schools, by helping small business and entrepreneurs secure the capital they need to grow and expand to put other people back to work," said Baldwin

Charles Benson asked: When you look at the President and see what a President should do about the economy: Do think President Obama has failed when it comes to the economy?

"I think that the leaders in the House in particular and the leaders we are seeing in Madison are particularly failing," said Baldwin. "There's been no jobs agenda."

Republican Paul Ryan says don't under estimate Baldwin.

" We don't agree on everything, on most things," said Ryan "but Tammy is a very worthy adversary for Republicans."

But Mark Neumann, the only Republican officially in the race called Baldwin unelectable, arguing she is too liberal for the state.

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