Appleton gets slammed by storm

Appleton gets slammed by storm

By Annie Scholz. CREATED Sep 2, 2011

APPLETON - The city is a sea of debris after a nasty storm Friday morning brought winds up to 80 miles an hour, and tossed trees like they were twigs.

Jeffery Norton pitched in to help after the storm hit. "We've been all the way through town, me and my crew, trying to help out and it looks like bombs went off in certain sections."

Daniel Thibert was in his car on his way back into town. "I was driving down the road and all of the sudden the buildings started blacking out, the lights went out, and then two blocks up the road the winds just hit."

It was all Thibert could do just to get to his street. "I had limbs coming down. Trees were coming down. I just kind of swerved around, doing everything I could do to get home."

We Energies says they had 44,000 people without power in the area at one point, but that number is improving as crews mobilize. They tell TODAY'S TMJ4 they hope to get power back to most people by Sunday night or Monday morning.