Ryan not ruling out run for VP

Ryan not ruling out run for VP

By Jodi Becker and Michelle Richards. CREATED Sep 1, 2011

MILWAUKEE -- Congressman Paul Ryan of Janesville talked with a conservative think tank about his political future.

Ryan has said several times he will not make a presidential run in 2012, but he tells the McIver Institute he is now leaving the door open for a potential bid for Vice President.

"Who knows?  Like I said, I just cross bridges when I get to them."

Ryan has declined a bid for president because he thought he could do more leading the House Budget Committee.

He also saw the campaign for Commander in Chief as taking too much time from his family. 

Ryan said any other job in politics would be different.

"The way I look at this is, God's got a plan, it will come together.  I will cross these bridges when I get to them.  And so, I don't really have a master plan in my mind."

In other words, stay tuned.