Sheboygan Mayor Ryan refuses to resign

Sheboygan Mayor Ryan refuses to resign

By Dan O'Donnell. CREATED Aug 30, 2011

SHEBOYGAN - Sheboygan Mayor Bob Ryan reiterated Tuesday that he would not resign from office and again vowed to fight any and all efforts to remove him from office.

"I am happy to say that I am more resolute than ever to remain the mayor of this great city," he said to a mix of cheers and boos from several dozen people who had gathered for the news conference.  "To continue to move this city forward..."

"You suck, Ryan!" interrupted one member of the crowd.

"We love you, Bob!" shouted another.

"It's called democracy," Ryan said of the commotion.  "It's the right to assemble, it's the right to the democratic process. I would also like to thank those who do not support me, because they also have the right to assemble.  But I must say, I appreciate those who support me a bit more than the others."

Ryan told the assembled crowd that he had spent the weekend with his family and, after a discussion about his future, he returned to Sheboygan more committed than ever to remaining in office.

"I think it's time that we put this issued to bed and that we move forward as a city," he added.  "We've accomplished a lot in the last two years, and we've done it not as me, Bob Ryan, the mayor, but as the mayor, the common council, and the citizens of Sheboygan."

Ryan, 48, faces a recall movement and an effort to remove him from by the Sheboygan Common Council after a slew of drunken outburstsput the city in the national spotlight.

Ryan said he has been sober for 37 days before again promising that he would step down if he had a drink while in office.

"I've stated in the past that if I am to drink alcohol while in office, I will immediately and voluntarily resign this office," he said.  "I stand by that."