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No charges in Supreme Court Justice confrontation

No charges in Supreme Court Justice confrontation

By Lacey Crisp. CREATED Aug 25, 2011

The Sauk County District Attorney was appointed as special prosecutor, and she explains that she could not move forward with criminal charges against either Supreme Court Justice.

Basing her decision on 70 pages of interviews, almost 50 pages of notes, and hours of audio interviews, Sauk County DA Pat Barrett says she will not charge either Justice in the physical altercation that took place on june 13th inside the Capitol.

My decision was not to pursue criminal charges against either Justice Walsh Bradley or against Justice Prosser was based on a total review of all of the documentation, interviews, police reports, and my basis that I do not believe there were any criminal charges,” Barrett said.

While Justice Bradley claims that Justice Prosser put his hands around her neck, he claims it was Bradley who charged after him. Prosser says he put his hands up in defense.

Justice Prosser said in a statement, “I was confident the truth would come out - and it did.  I am gratified that the prosecutor founds these scurrilous charges were without merit.”

Just Bradley responded by saying, “I also know that criminal charges alone would not have addressed our safety in the workplace and the special prosecutor’s decision not to file charges does not resolve the safety issue.”

Both sides of the political aisle are also weighing in.

“It’s not surprising.  It is surprising that anyone felt they had to investigate,” said Republican Glenn Grothman from West Bend.

But Scot Ross of One Wisconsin now said, “He has a long pattern of abusive behavior.  It is time he be held accountable for it.”

This isn’t over just yet, the Wisconsin Judicial Commission, the body that oversees the Supreme Court, has not finished up its investigation.  No word on when that will happen.