WEAC cuts 40% of staff

WEAC cuts 40% of staff

By Dan O'Donnell. CREATED Aug 15, 2011

MADISON - The Wisconsin Education Association Council announced Monday that it is cutting 40% of its staff.

Layoff notices are being sent out to 42 employees, WEAC Executive Director Dan Burkhalter confirmed.

“Obviously WEAC is affected by Governor Walker’s union-busting legislation, and our organization is responding on many fronts," he said in a news release.  "Layoffs and budget cuts are a reaction to the legislative action that was taken."

“Right now we’re engaged in membership continuation campaigns. We’ve made steady progress in signing up members and we anticipate further progress will be made as the school year resumes. Despite budget cuts and layoffs, our goal remains the same: to be a strong and viable organization that represents the voices of Wisconsin’s public school employees.”