West Allis 911 callers claim law enforcement problems on State Fair opening night

West Allis 911 callers claim law enforcement problems on State Fair opening night

By The WTMJ News Team. CREATED Aug 10, 2011

Click on the related video link (in black) to hear raw audio of the newly released 911 calls.  (WARNING: Graphic content/language)

WEST ALLIS - Authorities have released another batch of 911 calls of victims of the State Fair mob attacks last Thursday attempting to get help, and in some cases, not receiving enough assistance.

The 911 calls give evidence of people calling in from along the State Fair midway, and out on South 84th Street in West Allis.

Many callers believed that there were not enough police officers to control the situation.

On that night, fights on the midway were followed by fights on 84th Street, where things got violent and ugly.

That's when West Allis Police got flooded with calls for help.

People begged for an officer, but dispatchers seemed to insist that officers were already there.

Caller 1: "Send some squads."

Dispatch: "We have squads all over the area.   You're going to have to walk up to an officer and find one.

Caller 1: "Walk up to an officer?  I don't see an officer anywhere."

Caller 2: "This is (expletive.)  I'm walking down the damn street.  I can't go nowhere."

Dispatch: "Where are you now?"

Caller 2: "I have to worry about 14 black dudes punching me in the (expletive) face."

Caller 3: "You should have officers out here."

Dispatch: "There's lots of officers out there."

Caller 3: I haven't seen one yet."

Even the dispatchers seemed confused at times.

Dispatch: "That's not West Allis."

Caller 4: "OK where's that?"

Dispatch: "That's, I'm going to say Milwaukee."

Caller 4: "Well, I called Milwaukee and they told me to call West Allis."

Meanwhile, the West Allis Police Department says it is looking at the possibility of hate crime enhancers in 11 cases from opening night.

The department says that in each of those 11 cases, the suspects are black, and the victims are either white or hispanic, and the department believes race was a factor in each crime.

West Allis Police says that it will release reports from the night of the mob beating later on Thursday.