Thompson on who is strongest Senate candidate? I believe it's myself'

Thompson on who is strongest Senate candidate? I believe it's myself'

By Charles Benson. CREATED Aug 2, 2011 - UPDATED: Aug 2, 2011

MILWAUKEE - Republican recall candidates are getting help on the campaign trail these days from Tommy Thompson. But the real question; Is Tommy running for U.S. Senate?

There appears to be little doubt that Tommy Thompson will run for the Senate. He tells TODAY'S TMJ4's Charles Benson he has regretted every day not running in 2010 and he's sure sounding like a candidate in 2012. 

When asked if he is going to run, Thompson said "As I've told everybody, I'm very serious about it."

If you are wondering if Tommy Thompson is really serious this time about running, here are two reasons why.

"You can't control the direction of this country without having the Republicans take over control of the Senate," said Thompson.

"You can't take over the Senate without having a Republican senator from Wisconsin. Who is the strongest candidate to win that seat? I believe it's myself."

Thompson says he would have joined Republican U.S. Senator Ron Johnson and voted no on the debt celling deal.

"I think Ron Johnson is absolutely correct, the job was not done," said Thompson.

"As long as the Democrats are in control of the Senate you are never going to make the necessary cuts to make our economy strong again."

These days Thompson is helping the six recalled Republican State Senators keep their jobs. He believes these recalls send the wrong message.   

"It's not a crime to do your constitutional job as an elected official to vote on a bill and shouldn't now be reprimanded by being recall because you did what the constitution told you to do."

"But if Republicans lose the Senate, won't that be a huge setback for Walker?" asked Benson.

"Not only for Walker, but it's going to be a huge step backward for Wisconsin," said Thompson.

"And so what are you going to have? You are going to have legislators going to Madison afraid to stand up. Afraid if they vote this way or that way they are going to recalled."

Republican Mark Neumann tells TODAY'S TMJ4 he is still seriously considering a run as well.

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