Group using free food to win votes?

Group using free food to win votes?

By The WTMJ News Team. CREATED Aug 2, 2011

MILWAUKEE - Concern has risen Tuesday about what one group may be doing to get people to the polls during the upcoming recall elections this month.

The City of Milwaukee's election director says she has seen large groups arriving to vote early at City Hall.

Now, questions about whether a liberal-leaning group is using free food to win votes in a recall race.

TODAY'S TMJ4 obtained video of a get out the vote party.

The video shows food being served and vans being used to take people to the polls.

People were putting in votes in the Senate recall race pinning Whitefish Bay Democratic challenger Sandy Pasch against River Hills Republican incumbent Senator Alberta Darling.

The group behind the picnics is called "Wisconsin Jobs Now," a coalition of pro-union and community groups.

The question: is the group breaking the law by offering the combination of free rides and free food.

Groups are allowed to give rides to the polls and are allowed to hold picnics to talk about issues.

However, it is against the law to combine both into one event.

A Wisconsin Jobs Now spokesperson told the Journal Sentinel it believes it is complying with the law because attendees are not required to take the rides or vote to get the food and prizes.