Accusations about Americans for Prosperity, Pasch board membership

Accusations about Americans for Prosperity, Pasch board membership

By Charles Benson. CREATED Aug 1, 2011 - UPDATED: Aug 2, 2011

MILWAUKEE - Republicans and Democrats are accusing each other of playing dirty politics as we get closer to Election Day.

The Republican leaning Americans For Prosperity says it sent out 10,000 absentee ballot applications to its Wisconsin members. Some voters were asked to return it by August 11th, two days after the August 9th Republican recall elections.

"Well it was really just a typo," said Matt Seaholm, the State Director for Americans for Prosperity.

Democrats call it dirty tricks. They're filing a complaint with the state.

So far the wrong date forms have not shown up in the Alberta Darling/Sandy Pasch race.

"To me this seems like an attempt to confuse the issue, confuse people," said State Representative Sandy Pasch.
"The charges on the other side are simply just to distract from the issues," said Seaholm.

The referee in all of this will be the state's Government Accountability Board. The board says it is getting a lot of calls about misinformation out there and it's telling all voters to beware.

State Republicans have filed a complaint against Pasch accusing her of not playing fair. Pasch is a board member of Citizen Action of Wisconsin, a grass roots group campaigning against Darling.

"You can't team up with a special interest group of a third party who is doing things for you, that's not legal," said State Senator Alberta Darling. 

"Ever since this election process started I have stopped engaging with them. I have no contact, no coordination at all," said Pasch.

Americans For Prosperity says it called everyone on its list Monday to remind them of the correct election date.

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