Recall election campaigns ramping up

Recall election campaigns ramping up

By Nick Montes. CREATED Jul 31, 2011

KENOSHA - With just about two weeks to go until the recall election, Democratic Senator Robert Wirch held a picnic. His Republican Challenger Jonathan Stietz went door to door.

"It's a strange political phenomenon in this state,” Wirch says, as he fights for his seat, but he’s pretty confident. "I have a good feeling this time, yes," Wirch added.

Attorney and political newcomer Jonathan Steitz hopes to oust the longtime senator. "Hi, how are you doing? I'm Jonathan Stietz. I'm running for state senate," he told one voter when he knocked on her door. "The policies of Bob Wirch have driven businesses away and resulted in decrease in jobs," he says.

But, Wirch sees his time in office differently, by helping voters.

"Helping them out with their problems, helping them out with issues. This is still a good blue collar area for the state," Wirch says.

Wirch was one of 14 senators who left the state during capitol chaos over collective bargaining. Steitz says leaving the capitol at a critical time was wrong.

"How many of us can leave our job for three weeks, come back and have a job,” Steitz says.

But, Wirch believes leaving was his job."This is the worst bill in history of the state. The republicans were trying to ram it through in 3 days,” Wirch says.

The election is August 16th.