Candidates vie to unseat Senator Wirch

Candidates vie to unseat Senator Wirch

By Erik Bilstad. CREATED Jul 19, 2011

The two Republican candidates for Senate District 22 say even though they are competing against each other today, they agree it’s all about who can beat Senator Robert Wirch next month.      

“This isn’t about making me a Senator, it’s not about making Jonathan a Senator.  It’s about making Senator Wirch, a former Senator,” said candidate Fred Ekornaas.

“It is more important to get Wirch out of office than to get me elected,” said candidate Jonathan Steitz.

Attorney Steitz, along with his wife and kids hit the polls early this morning in Pleasant Prairie.

“People are wanting a fresh face and want someone with real-world business experience and not someone who has gone from public sector to public sector job,” Steitz said.

While this is Steitz’ first campaign, it’s his opponent’s 13th.

“I’ve almost got incumbent status, given my long history in the community,” Ekornaas said.

Ekornaas was elected Sheriff as a Democrat years ago, but says he is conservative, and that he agrees with Republican viewpoints.

Both candidates say as long as they can succeed in recalling Wirch, they’ll support whoever wins.           

“It’s the fact that Wirch left this district without a voice in Madison.  It was the wrong thing to do,” Steitz said.

“This election is all about the people expressing their dissatisfaction with those senators who went across the state line,” Ekornaas said.