Large gang attacks Beaver Dam teen

Large gang attacks Beaver Dam teen

By Jermont Terry. CREATED Jul 13, 2011 - UPDATED: Jul 14, 2011

BEAVER DAM - Beaver Dam Police are looking for a gang of 20 men who attacked a 17 year-old with baseball bats.

Police say just before 1:00AM Sunday morning the teen was beat and stabbed after a physical altercation. Police won't say what led up to this mob attack but neighbors who talked to TODAY'S TMJ4 insist the teen was targeted.

"I know there were bats involved and there was a knife. I found a knife in the street," said Daryl Smith. Smith lives at the intersection of Madison and West Mill where the attack happened. He's also the teen's next door neighbor.

"They went straight to that house asked the kid where his brother was. He said he didn't know and they started beating him up," explained Smith.

Police say the men wore white T-shirts. After the attack the mob took off running on West Mill street. Witnesses say the beating with bats lasted a few minutes and eventually spilled into the street.

Neighbors tell me the attack occurred soon after Lake Days, a festival near Beaver Lake.

Police won't say if this mob attack is gang related but neighbors are convinced this was not random.

"Absolutely targeted. They were here for a reason, " said Smith. It's unclear exactly what brought the gang to the area. TODAY'S TMJ4 tried to get the teen and his mother to explain but they refused to comment.

Neighbors said the 17 year-old was cut in his arm and has staples in this head from the attack.

Beaver Dam Police continue to investigate. It's unclear if detectives have any leads.

Jermont Terry

Jermont Terry

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