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Pasch, Darling use weekend to push votes before primary

Pasch, Darling use weekend to push votes before primary

By Keller Russell. CREATED Jul 9, 2011

We're just days away from primary recall elections which pave the way for possible change of power in the state senate.

The race in the eighth district is a hot one.

There's no time, for down time.

An incumbent Representative is vying for a senator's seat.

And it's all to help democrats try and regain control of the senate.

With just four days until the primary recall election, Rep. Sandy Pasch works the phones while volunteers pick up packets, to canvass neighborhoods in her district.

"We're just getting the message out, reminding people, get out and vote."

Pasch is up against a so-called fake democrat -- a republican party tactic to create more time for incumbents to campaign

"It's unfortunate that they feel so desperate, so afraid of the general election that they are doing these non sense tricks."

It's a trick, she says, that will buy time but not the voters favor.

"Oh, I'm very confident were going to take back the senate."

For Sen. Alberta Darling, whose seat Pasch is after, the campaign strategy is the same as it's always been -- connect with voters and win.

She took a break from her door-to-door campaign Saturday to meet with constituents at an event in Germantown.

When asked if she's nervous about the general election?

"I think when people look at my performance they will say 'She's doing what I elected her to do'".

And she says the governor's budget is proof of performance.

Her message to voters who say they're not happy with your performance is simple.

" Well that's up to them. This is America. Everyone has the freedom to voice their opinions."

Darling will not be on Tuesday's ballot but will defend her seat August 9 in the general election.