Mom accused of kidnapping calls accusations a joke

Mom accused of kidnapping calls accusations a joke

By Keller Russell. CREATED Jul 1, 2011

A Germantown mother accused of kidnapping her child is out of jail Friday night.

Emotions were high as police searched desperately for Kimberly Multerer and her 21 month old son, Colton Thursday.

Police believed the toddler could be in danger. They said Multerer had a history of domestic violence and possible substance abuse.

Friday, the mother tells her story, exclusively to Keller Russell.

Kimberley Multerer is free for now.

She faced kidnapping charges Friday in Washington County Court but the district attorney is not filing those yet.

His office wants more time to investigate.

Multerer says it's all a mistake.

"I think its ridiculous that they think I kidnapped my own child. Like what a joke."

Just released from jail, Multerer can't believe the fuss surrounding her.

"How is this grounds for kidnapping? Even the judge was like confused. Like I seriously can't believe that this is like happening," Multerer said.

Germantown police say she took off with her 21 month old son Thursday but she doesn't have custody.

That's news to her.

"I can't even take him when I want? I had no idea. I don't even have guardianship paperwork. I have no idea what it says."

Multerer says her ex-boyfriend's mother just filed for custody, Wednesday.

Multerer claims she had Colton all day Thursday, the grandmother asked to take Colton for the weekend, when told no, she called police.

When asked, "What about the reports of you saying 'you're never going to see this child again or me?"

Multer replied:

"That's just Kelly (ex boyfriends mom) talking basically

Police arrested Multerer in Menomonee Falls after a tip.

She swears she wasn't on the run.

"I was actually on my way to a doctors appointment. I was in the parking lot of medical associates and I got like swarmed by police."

When police arrested Multerer, Colton wasn't in the car.

They later found him safe at home in Germantown.

Multerer maintains she left him at a friends while she went to the doctor.

She's back in court July 18 when she'll learn if she'll be charged with kidnapping.