Democrats prepare for 'recall convention'

Democrats prepare for 'recall convention'

By Tom Murray with Jay Sorgi and the WTMJ News team. CREATED Jun 2, 2011 - UPDATED: Jun 3, 2011

MILWAUKEE - It's been dubbed by organizers as the 'Recall Convention.'

Democrats start their state convention Friday at the Frontier Airlines Center. They are focused on using recall elections to win control of the Wisconsin State Senate.

Republicans control the Wisconsin Senate, Assembly and governor's office. Now, the GOP stronghold on state politics could be in jeopardy.

"We're definitely behind the eight ball in terms of fighting against that kind of outside money," Governor Scott Walker told TODAY'S TMJ4 reporter Tom Murray. "I think that will be tough."

There are 33 state senators; 19 republicans and 13 democrats.

Six Republicans will almost certainly face recall elections in July. As many as three Democrats could also have to defend their seat in a recall.

Democrats need a net gain of just three seats to take the Senate majority.

"We need three seats to turn it and we think we'll be able to do that by the end of the summer," said Graeme Zielinski, spokesperson for the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. "Three seats would give us the majority. We'd be able to slow down this kind of runaway train Scott Walker's driving in Madison right now."

Walker himself is not eligible for recall until next year, but that's clearly an effort Democrats will be talking about at their convention.

"In the end, while there's a narrow group of people who are still frustrated, the largely number of people are seeing that we're doing things to get the state working again," Walker said.

The convention starts Friday and runs through Saturday.

One person who was not on the agenda at the convention was former Senator Russ Feingold.

He said he was discerning a potential run for the seat that current Democratic Senator Herb Kohl is vacating.

Meanwhile, one big name who will come has made headlines for controversy about a lewd picture that allegedly was sent from his Twitter account: New York Democratic Congressman Anthony Weiner.

He has repeatedly said he doesn't want to talk about the Twitter controversy, but on the task at hand.

"I want to focus on what I'm working on, on that," said Weiner.  "I want to focus on that because, frankly, I think constituents want me to, and frankly, I think the country would want me to."