Wisconsin would be among easiest states to conceal carry

Wisconsin would be among easiest states to conceal carry

By Lauren Leamanczyk. CREATED May 25, 2011

MILWAUKEE-A concealed carry bill passed by a senate committee would make Wisconsin among a handful of states where people can carry a concealed weapon without a permit or training.

Right now Wisconsin and Illinois are the only states where concealed carry is outlawed.  That is about to change.  But even some concealed carry supporters worry the senate bill goes too far.

Of the 48 states that allow concealed carry, only four do not require a permit.  Wisconsin would be the fifth. 

Nik Clark of Wisconsin Carry says it's about time.  His group pushed for a law without restrictions like permits or mandatory training.

"It's definitely a step in the right direction.  Your right to carry shouldn't have a fee associated with it," he said.

Local police chiefs blasted the move.  Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn called the Senate bill "reckless."

Flynn supports concealed carry -- but only with a permit and only if it's a felony to carry without a permit.

He sent a letter urging Governor Scott Walker and lawmakers to reconsider the current bill.

"It would make Wisconsin the most lenient state and it would probably make Wisconsin law enforcement the most vulnerable in the United States," he said.