Woman apologizes for Bernie Brewer hoarding

Woman apologizes for Bernie Brewer hoarding

By Jay Sorgi. CREATED May 25, 2011

MILWAUKEE - The Milwaukee Brewers distributed 1,400 Bernie Brewer lawn ornaments at Milwaukee County Parks, including 400 along the lakefront, and other locations as a promotion for its Spring Madness event this week.

Some people, however, reportedly chose to claim more than one of them.

That includes Erin McHardie, a woman from St. Francis who posted a photo on Twitter of dozens of Bernie Brewer lawn gnomes which she had apparently collected.  (She has since dropped her Twitter account.)

She sent TODAY'S TMJ4's MicK Trevey this letter apologizing for her actions:

"I am sorry that I missed you this afternoon. I am writing to this to clear the air. I along with four of my friends collected all the Bernies, not just me. Between the five of us we split them to give to our families and friends.


"What we saw on Twitter did not say you can only take one, we never saw the official rules page. We are sorry for that misunderstanding.

"I don't wish to be on camera,  This is what I am saying about the matter and I hope people can forgive me and my friends.

"We, like many other fans, also were only out to get gnomes for our families who could not come but wanted to have one.

"I just would really like to say that this was mine and my friend's fault and I wish that people would stop harassing my parent's home phone and to please leave them alone.

"Again we are very sorry this happened and I hope that Brewers fans out there can forgive us."

Not all the ornaments had prizes.  Some of them had Brewers autographs.

The Brewers published a fan rules page showing that each person was entitled to one Bernie gnome.

"The intent of this and the rules say that the fans were asked to limit their prizes to one per household.  Because of the magnitude of the promotion, when you have 1,400 across the state, to put guards at the location wasn't practical.  There was a bit of the honor system here," said Brewers Vice President of Communications Tyler Barnes.  "It was impossible to guarantee that every fan could get a prize."

"By in large, the feedback we were getting was very positive."

People were found selling the lawn gnomes on eBay for hundreds of dollars.