11-year-old boy rescued from sand dunes


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11-year-old boy rescued from sand dunes

By Michele Fiore. CREATED Aug 9, 2014

KOHLER ANDRAE STATE PARK - An 11-year-old boy was nearly killed Saturday afternoon at Kohler-Andrae State Park.

He was playing in the sand when it fell like an avalanche and covered him, trapping him for an hour. The boy is now at Children's Hospital and miraculously he's expected to be OK.

What started as the perfect day at the sand dunes ended in panic along the Lake Michigan shoreline when the 11-year-old boy became trapped, his 10- year-old friend ran for help.

We asked Joe Rose, "Were you scared for your friend?" 

"Uh, very!" said Rose.

Rose took us to the spot where he and his friend had been digging tunnels in the sand dunes. 

The first two tunnels were great, but then, “We tried to take another, a third tunnel that led into that tunnel and he went in there to do it and it just collapsed on him," Rose explained.

A mound of sand covered the 11 year old from head to toe.

"When the sand fell, what did you think was happening?”

“I just thought it looked like he wasn't stuck very far in there, so we could probably just pull him out, but we tried, but he was just kicked around and we couldn't get him out," said Rose.

Rose ran through the dunes to get help.

"I was telling them that Avery is stuck in the sand and we were building a tunnel and it collapsed on him," said Rose.

Witnesses wanted to help but with the sand falling in, like an hour glass, they waited for authorities.

"It was a little nerve wracking to know a kid was trapped which is pretty scary. Gotta give them credit for trying to have a little fun but it was a bad spot to do it," said witness Mike Brazee.

It wasn't easy to rescue the boy; as first responders would dig away the sand, more of it would fall in.

Sheboygan County authorities did not release the boy’s name.

The boy's father expressed a heartfelt thank you to the crews that rescued his son.

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