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Union files complaint against Kenosha fire chief


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Union files complaint against Kenosha fire chief

By Lacey Crisp. CREATED Jan 24, 2014 - UPDATED: Jan 24, 2014

KENOSHA - "This can't go ignored any more," said Jeremy Ryan, President of the Kenosha Professional Firefighters Local 414.

Ryan is part of a group that filed a complaint against the Kenosha Fire Chief, John Thomsen.
"He continues to use poor judgment that the men and women of the Kenosha Fire department deserve much better," Ryan said.
In the complaint, Ryan accuses Chief Thomsen of using homophobic slurs, and is quoted to say to a female firefighter "I know you.  I read your psych evaluation.  I know I will never confuse you with being the brightest person on the job."
It's also alleged in the complaint that Chief Thomsen bragged that "he could have sex with the wife of anybody on the job."
We went to city hall to get a response from Chief Thomsen, but were told he doesn't have a comment.
The Fire Chief was reprimanded by the city in 2010 for his management methods, and Ryan argues the fire and police commission need to act now.
"We don't have an expectation.  We're not saying Fire Chief Thomsen needs to be terminated, but we're saying these are very serious concerns that need to be addressed."
The complaint is now in the hands of the fire and police commission.  They can either have their own investigation, or schedule a hearing.  No word on what the commission will decide.