Lions player wants to moon Packers fans Sunday

Dominic Raiola. Image by Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Lions player wants to moon Packers fans Sunday

By Jay Sorgi. CREATED Oct 3, 2013

A Detroit Lions center says he wants to show his...well...behind off to Green Bay Packers fans who he claims moon him and his teammates after games at Lambeau Field.

“Going there -  I go before the buses go there - maybe I should go moon somebody this week on the way there in the car that we take early," said Raiola to the Detroit Free Press.

“ ‘Let me out of this (bleeping) bus,’ Yeah, you get mooned. It’s like, ‘Get me the (expletive) out of this bus so I can go put my hands on somebody.’ ”

However, he claims that he actually enjoys the Lambeau Field experience and was only joking about the part of putting his hands on the smattering of Packers fans who anger him.

“Oh, it’s awesome,” he said. “I love playing there. It’s a great place to play.”