Finley's first-person experience of neck injury, early climb back to football

Jermichael Finley after his neck injury. Image by Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Finley's first-person experience of neck injury, early climb back to football

By Jay Sorgi. CREATED Oct 29, 2013

A Green Bay Packers tight end who suffered a spinal injury in the team's win over the Cleveland Browns has written a first-person account of all that he's been through.

In MMQB from Sports Illustrated, Jermichael Finley revealed that he was asking supremely painful questions as he lied on the field following the injury.

"Is this God punishing me? Is this Karma? This was my initial thought when I was down on the field. I felt as if everything that I had ever done wrong came crashing down at me at that one moment."

He says that he trie dto protect his legs by lowering his torso and his head, but then took the shoulder of Tashaun Gipson to his head.

He said he had feelings in his legs, but "I couldn't feel much else."

"The scariest part of the entire scenario was the unknown," admitted the tight end.

He recounted the process of cat scans, tests, results, regaining movement, the process of seeing specialists for more evaluations, and a "tremendous support system."

Finley said in the account that his basic functions like motor skills are getting better, that "anything is possible," and that a return to football is in his plans.

"Before every game I play, my 5-year-old son, Kaydon, says a prayer for my health and safety. The other day, he asked me, 'Why didn’t God listen to our prayers last Sunday?' I told him that he did hear us, but sometimes God helps us in different ways. 'I think you’re right Daddy,' Kaydon said. 'He heard us and now he’s getting you better and healthy so you can play football again.' "