Cute Cats

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  • This is a Christmas card photo from 2012. All 3 of us got new Packers jerseys, including our cat Lapidus (La-Pee-Dus) Casey and Elizabeth from Milwaukee

  • I think Foxegirl is trying to fit in with all the Hello Kitty appliances. That is priceless! Debora Coleman

  • Smokey Bear and Foxegirl in the kitchen waiting on their treats. That look on their face is the hurry up and give us our treat face. So funny! Debora Coleman

  • Smokey Bear is doing what he does best and that is chillin. He is really the sweetest cat a person could ask for. We love him so much. Debora Coleman

  • Eyes was so tired he took a nap at the bottom of his cat tree on top of all his toys. You got to love him. Debora Coleman

  • Foxegirl is relaxing on the chaise lounge enjoying the breeze coming through the window. She is a mommy's girl. Debora Coleman