10 reasons why Wisconsin's better than Illinois

It's another weekend where Wisconsin has a sports team battle a counterpart from south of the border.  That means it's another excuse to remind you why our fine state is better than Illinois.

Special thanks to suggestions from Luc Benavides, Brian Carriveau of Cheesehead TVRyan Connor, Austin Eich, Jay Hodgson, Helen Murray, John Rehor and many others for your responses!

  • 1) Traffic.

  • 2) Packers have more championships than the Bears. (13-9 advantage.) Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

  • 3) No team from Illinois has won a Rose Bowl since 1964. (Badgers have won three since then.) Jay Sorgi

  • 4) More and better beer.

  • 4b) Like we said, more and better beer. Colleen Brenton

  • 5) More coastline. TODAY'S TMJ4

  • 6) The Cubs haven't been to the World Series since 1945. (Milwaukee went in 1982 and won in 1957.) Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

  • 7) Cheese. (No Chicago style pizza without it.)

  • 8) Our NBA legend (Kareem Abdul-Jabbar) starred in Airplane. Theirs (Michael Jordan) didn't. TODAY'S TMJ4

  • 9) Summerfest.

  • 10) Happy cows.