ATM skimmer device found at Waukesha bank

Waukesha Police say they're looking for a suspect who allegedly put a skimmer device on an ATM at a bank in Waukesha.  Scroll through the photos for images of the suspect and evidence from the scene, along with more information and a phone number to help Waukesha Police find the suspect.

  • Waukesha Police are asking for your help in finding this suspect who allegedly put a skimmer device on an ATM at a bank.

  • He allegedly placed it on the ATM at the U.S. Bank on 2040 Silvernail Road in Waukesha.

  • Police found a skimmer insert placed over a card reader, along with a blue bar with a pinhole camera.

  • That camera recorded video of pin numbers punched into the keypad.

  • Someone who works for the Diebold company said he could tell how the ATM had been compromised, using the card reader and blue bar as clues.

  • Police ask you to call them at 1-262-524-3924 with any information.