Our memories of Sept. 11

Many people from Milwaukee have marked how they remember the horrible events of Sept. 11, 2001.  Click each picture to see how civic leaders and others heard about what happened.

  • "I was actually at an early morning budget meeting at the White House. At the end of the meeting, one of the White House aides came in and said 'Somebody just flew a plane into the World Trade Center.' When I got back to my office, you could see the smoke billowing up from over the Pentagon, and people were running up the side streets, getting away from the Capitol. In the mid-afternoon, our staff got together in a circle and prayed. We went back to the steps of the Capitol to do a press conference. All of us, Democrats, Republicans together, and we spontaneously broke out into 'America the Beautiful.' That was one of those moments where there was not a dry eye." - Janesville GOP Rep. and Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan Photo: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

  • "I was a member of Congress at the time. I had been out jogging and had gotten back to the House gym. I saw a group of colleagues gather around a television set. Everyone was trying to figure out what was going on. As I was standing there, we saw the second tower being hit. Then we realized it was an attack." - Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett Photo: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

  • "I was actually getting the kids ready for school. I remember looking up at the news and seeing smoke from one of the towers. It was close to the time my kids went off to school. I took them up to school and went and met my carpool. I remember riding with the guys when we were about to exit, and I remember listening to the radio at that point, and one of the announcers had said one of the towers had fallen. Like everybody else, I was saddened and shocked. By Friday, President Bush had said to Americans to step out in front of their homes and put a candle out. We got the candles out, sang God Bless America, a couple other patriotic songs, prayed a little bit." Photo: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

  • "I remember the Chief of Police summoning the Milwaukee Police Department commanders who were monitoring the news broadcasts. I was the commanding officer of the intelligence division, and we had, as one of our responsibilities, dignitary protection. Former President George Herbert Walker Bush and former First Lady Barbara Bush were in mid-flight, and their flight was directed to fly into Mitchell International. My responsibility at that point was to assist the Secret Service to secure the former President and First Lady. From that day on, for the next several days, most of us spent them in disbelief that the U.S.A. had truly been attacked on our mainland." - Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke Photo: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

  • Former Marquette star Dwayne Wade, who was attending the school when the tragedies happened, tweeted Tuesday "I remember walking thru an empty campus at Marquette - not sure what was going on." Photo: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

  • "Walked into my history class with the TV on and our teacher saying that today we won't be learning history we will be living it." - TODAY'S TMJ4 viewer Mike Todorovich