MACC Star designer Jack Bartosz passes away

10-year-old and MACC Star designer Jack Bartosz passed away Monday afternoon, according to his Caring Bridge website.

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Jack's family released a statement Tuesday about his passing:

It is with heaviest of hearts that we write to tell you that Jack found his ultimate cure yesterday afternoon. Our amazing boy left his tired body so his soul could soar free. As we grieve for the loss of our beloved Jack we also remember Jack's personality, humor, sensitivity and heroism. We are thankful he is at peace yet are missing him so desperately.
It is with heartfelt gratitude that we thank everyone who has supported Jack and our family throughout his courageous fight with neuroblastoma. We are touched and inspired by the sheer number of people who backed Jack, including you the media. Jack touched so many lives, but none greater than that of his loving family.
Our life suffered a dramatic, cruel twist with Jack's cancer diagnosis nearly seven years ago. When we started the I Back Jack Foundation we knew that regardless of Jack's outcome we would remain determined to ensuring Jack's story would result in a happy ending for children unfairly chosen to battle cancer. Jack will always fuel us and inspire us to do more as we continue to raise funds for pediatric cancer research.
While our time with Jack on earth has ended we know that we have a great love that will never be erased. We appreciate your prayers, your support, and your ongoing backing of Jack.

  • MILWAUKEE - 10-year-old and MACC Star designer Jack Bartosz passed away Monday afternoon, according to his Caring Bridge website.

    Jack fought cancer most of his young life.  Jack was diagnosed with stage four, high-risk neuroblastoma in September 2005.

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  • His mom told TODAY'S TMJ4, "When you're talking to a four-year-old about cancer, you describe it as the ickies and tell him just what he needs to know."

    Jack told TODAY'S TMJ4 he couldn't always keep up with his friends. "I can't run as fast as most people, and I don't like getting all the medicine, the chemo and stuff, make your hair fall out."

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  • But Jack didn't sit around feeling sorry for himself.

    His dad told TODAY'S TMJ4, "Jack's great. His attitude is better than most adults, and he keeps on going and going and going, and that's what keeps us going and going and going."

    Jack spent time with Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, and even shares a Wheaties box photo with the Super Bowl MVP.

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  • "He's just proud that Aaron Rodgers is his friend and he's happy to be able to support him," Jack's mom told TODAY'S TMJ4.

    The Bartosz family's "I Back Jack" Foundation has raised more than $300,000 dollars for cancer drug research.

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