Appearance Request

Valerie Bruce

Appearance Request

If you would like a reporter or anchor to speak at your event, you must submit the request in writing. Please include the name of your organization along with the description, date and time of your event. Indicate how many people will be attending the event and how long the time commitment will be for the reporter/anchor. Requests must be submitted 6-8 weeks in advance of the event but not more than 4-5 months prior to the event.

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Mail to:
Appearance Request
720 E. Capitol Dr.
Milwaukee, WI 53212

Appearance requests can also be FAXED to the attention of Nicole Mitchell at (414) 967-5378.

Please note: scheduled appearances may be canceled due to breaking news coverage. Due to the large volume of requests, not all appearance requests can be honored and only requests from non-profit agencies and organizations will be considered.