Men who held 8 people hostage in Chicago were parolees


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Men who held 8 people hostage in Chicago were parolees

By Julianne Cassidy. CREATED Aug 20, 2014 - UPDATED: Aug 21, 2014

UPDATE: According to the Associated Press, the two men who took 8 people hostage earlier this week are parolees, and one is a convicted murderer.

Killer David Jordan, 40, was under electronic monitoring at the time of the incident. The authorities were attempting to contact him at the time he was allegedly holding the two adults and six children hostage.

Peter Williams, 41, was also arrested. Both are being charged with attempted murder, home invasion, kidnapping and sexual assault.


All remaining hostages have been rescued in the Chicago area after two armed burglary suspects entered a residence in the town of Harvey on Tuesday around 12:50 p.m., and took two adults and six children hostage. After the earlier release of four of the children, the four remaining hostages were two adults and two children: ages 12 and 6.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, “It became clear we needed to enter the house," after a night of negotiations, said Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart. “They [the suspects] didn’t surrender themselves.”

An armored car was used to take down the front door for police to gain access inside. Officers found everyone in an upstairs bedroom.

No shots were reportedly fired within the home, as the two male suspects were taken into police custody. The hostages were transported to the hospital to be checked, while police surveyed the residence for any additional weapons.

"Over the course of several hours on Tuesday evening, the woman [hostage] brought out four children, one by one: two 1-year-old boys, a 2-year-old boy and an 11-year-old boy," reports Fox Chicago. "The children were taken to a local hospital for observation."

According to Fox Chicago, "Earlier Tuesday, the two armed burglary suspects shot two police officers and then barricaded themselves inside the [nearby] home with one woman, another adult and six children, the Sun-Times is reporting." One 18-year veteran officer's arm was broken by a bullet, the other was treated at the scene after being grazed by another gunshot.

Local schools including Rosa Parks campuses and Beacon Hill Prep Academy remained closed on Wednesday to keep children away from the area. Thornton High School remained open, however students living near the home were not required to attend.

More than 20 law enforcement agencies assisted the Illinois State Police Department with hostage negotiations.

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