Arizona mom says 16-year-old daughter died from drinking energy drinks

Arizona mom says 16-year-old daughter died from drinking energy drinks

By Joyce Lupiani. CREATED Jun 17, 2014

A mother in Arizona is blaming energy drinks for her 16-year-old daughter's death.

Kris Hamann told the CBS affiliate KPHO that her daughter was drinking energy drinks while on a beach in Rocky Point, New Mexico. According to her friends, she was not drinking any water.

Lanna Hamann told her friend's father that she did not feel well on Saturday night. A short time later, she went into cardiac arrest and died.

A study last year proved that energy drinks may cause serious increases in heart contractions rates within an hour of drinking the beverage, according to CBS News.

Emergency room visits related to drinking energy drinks have doubled over the past four years.

There have even been lawsuits filed against energy drink makers such as Monster Energy in connection with deaths of other teenagers. It is not known if an official cause of death has been released for Lanna Hamann.

A memorial for Lanna was held at her high school, where she was going to be a junior, on Sunday night. Friends started a social media campaign on Twitter to help raise funds to bring Lanna's body back to Arizona.

The message quickly began spreading around the country, and even a Twitter user in Japan took up the cause.

Kris Hamann went to New Mexico on Tuesday to retrieve her daughter's body.

Now that she is home, Lanna's friends are hoping to raise money to help pay for her funeral services.

Parents from Lanna's high school also started a GoFundMe fundraising campaign.

Kris Hamann is warning other parents to be aware of what their children are drinking.

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