Are tooth tattoos becoming a new trend?

Are tooth tattoos becoming a new trend?

By Krista Hostetler. CREATED May 16, 2014

Is there a growing trend at the dentist's office? Apparently tooth tattoos are becoming popular in at least one area of the country.

Whatever you may want on your tooth, the employees at Suburban Dental Lab in Bloomfield, Connecticut, can make it happen.

Tim Miller learned about the new trend when he was sitting in the dental chair to get a new crown. He decided to jump on the bandwagon and get a new tooth with a shamrock on it.

Owner Steven Canter told WFSB the lab made its first tooth tattoo almost 20 years ago, when they created a design for a Corvette lover.

Dentist Steven Landman with Ellington Dental Associates in Connecticut also does the caps at his office. He said he's done everything from Grateful Dead to Harley-Davidson logos and patient initials.

According to WFSB, a tooth tattoo crown does not damage your teeth and can be left in place for years.

The dental stain tattoo can cost between $75 and $200.