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Five college students survive close call with lightning


Five college students survive close call with lightning

By Phyllis Stark. CREATED Apr 26, 2014

Five students from York College in Pennsylvania had a close call Wednesday evening as they were preparing to attempt a “cold water challenge” and were nearly struck by lightning. The whole thing was caught on video by a sixth student who was shooting the challenge.

The “cold water challenge” is a recent social media trend in which people video themselves jumping into a body of cold water and then challenge three others to do the same within 24 hours.
The York College students were preparing to jump into Recharge Lake, and as each was telling the camera the names of the friends they planned to challenge, lightning struck a tree about 10 feet away, then skittered across the lake. In the video, a flash of lightning and boom of thunder makes the students scream as the camera angle swings to the dock below their feet.
According to the York News Times, the students headed out to the lake around 5:15 p.m. “despite the fact that a severe weather watch was in effect for the area.”
“When we were driving to the lake, we made a joke about the thunderstorm and then it became very real once we got out there that it was scary,” student Shelby Jordan told the paper. “It probably wasn’t the best idea and we learned our lesson very quickly.”
The students smartly abandoned their plan to take the lake plunge that day, and while they missed their 24-hour challenge window, they were back to do it again on Thursday under clear skies.
Phyllis Stark

Phyllis Stark

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Phyllis Stark is the Digital Executive Producer - National Content for Scripps Media.