North Carolina boy bullied over ‘My Little Pony’ backpack


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North Carolina boy bullied over ‘My Little Pony’ backpack

By Phyllis Stark. CREATED Mar 18, 2014

A disturbing story out of North Carolina, where an elementary school has banned a nine-year-old boy from bringing a certain book bag to school because of bullying.

His name is Grayson Bruce, and he picked a “My Little Pony” book bag because he’s a fan of the more than three decades-old animated show, according to WSB-TV Atlanta. But he says other kids picked on him and called the bag “girly.” The fuzzy blue bag features the face of cartoon pony Rainbow Dash.
The boy says other students at his Buncombe Country school are “taking it too far” by punching him, holding him down and calling him “horrible” names, “stuff that really shouldn’t happen,” the child says. One classmate reportedly told Grayson to kill himself, according to USA Today.
Grayson’s mother says the school asked him to leave the backpack at home because it had become a distraction and a trigger for bullying. Grayson complied, but his mother says she wants the children involved to be punished.
The mother, Noreen Bruce, told USA Today that she told school officials, “You're missing the picture here. You're telling [Grayson] that it's OK for them to make fun of him."
Grayson is now being home-schooled while his mother looks for a new school to in which to enroll him  in the fall.
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