Arkansas mom speaking out about arrest for drinking, breastfeeding


Arkansas mom speaking out about arrest for drinking, breastfeeding

By Joyce Lupiani. CREATED Mar 27, 2014

A woman from Arkansas says she had no idea she was doing anything illegal when she had a couple of beers before breastfeeding her baby. Now she is speaking out about the ordeal.

It all started last November after the woman stopped with her family for dinner at a restaurant in Conway, Ark. 

Tasha Adams, 28, is the mother of three children: 6-year-old Cal, 2-year-old Hyd and 9-month-old Ana.

Adams claims that she only had two beers along with pizza and a "big old thing of spinach dip" during a one-and-a-half hour dinner.

But that is not what one of the restaurant's waitress says she saw. Jackie Conners came in for an after-hours staff meeting and says that she saw several drinks in front of Adams, and it wasn't beer she was drinking.

The waitress says the group was having a good time and getting loud, and then the baby started getting fussy. That is when Adams began breastfeeding Ana.

Connors was told that the manager was aware of the situation but decided not to take action, so Connors called the police herself. Adams was arrested and tossed in jail.

Charges have since been dropped because a Breathalyzer test was not issued and there wasn't enough evidence to prove she was endangering the child. In addition, Arkansas law doesn't actually ban drinking and breastfeeding

According to experts, it is unclear how much alcohol gets into a mother's milk while drinking, and the science is imprecise.

Connors has since been fired from the restaurant. A restaurant manager fsaid she was not fired for reporting the customer, but declined to say why.

Adams is now speaking out about what happened. For the full story, watch ABC News' "20/20" on Friday, March 28 at 10 p.m. ET.

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