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Unlike the duckface, squinching makes people look better


Unlike the duckface, squinching makes people look better

By Joyce Lupiani. CREATED Nov 22, 2013

Unlike the duckface, which rarely makes people look good in photos, squinching is guaranteed to make everyone look better, according to professional photographer Peter Hurley.

Squinching isn't exactly new. Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines squinch as 1. "to screw up (the eyes of face); squint or 2. to make more compact.

Hurley has expanded on that definition. According to him, squinching is the "action of squinting your eyes in such a way as to portray confidence and self-assurance as opposed to the fear and uncertainty that you project when you stare wide-eyes at the camera

Basically, the action turns the deer in the headlights look into a more sultry gaze.

Hurley, who is based in New York and Los Angeles, posted a video on how to squinch on YouTube. Since the video was posted three days ago, it has been viewed more than 264,000 and is rapidly gaining national and worldwide attention.

This is not the first time the photographer has posted a video about how to look better in photos. His first video in February 2012 was called "It's All About the Jaw." That video has been viewed more than 1 million times.

Joyce Lupiani

Joyce Lupiani

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