Video of Canadian bank thanking customers might make you cry


Video of Canadian bank thanking customers might make you cry

By Joyce Lupiani. CREATED Jul 31, 2014

A bank in Canada did a very special thing for its loyal customers last week.

On July 25, TD Bank employees gave green envelopes containing a $20 bill to each of its customers in the bank's 1,100 locations across Canada. The bank didn't forget about customers who weren't at the bank that day though. It also deposited money into its customers' accounts. More than 30,000 people received a gift that day.

That is not all it did though. TD Bank turned its ATMs into "Automated Thanking Machines" at four locations in Toronto, Montreal, Calgary and Vancouver.

The special machines didn't just flash a thank you message on their screen or put a bunch of smiley faces on receipts. In some cases, the machines delivered life-changing surprises for users.

The bank says that over the years, it has gotten to know its long-standing customers and they know which ones may be struggling or facing a challenge. The bank decided to pre-select certain customers who would receive very personal gifts.

Gifts included flowers for an older customer who said she had never received such a beautiful surprise; a Disney trip for a mom who has never been able to take her kids on a special trip; airline tickets to Trinidad so that an elderly mother could visit her daughter who is battling cancer; and the chance for a hardcore Blue Jays fan to throw the opening pitch at a game and meet one of his heroes.

The reactions of the people who were selected to receive special gifts are absolutely priceless. The joy and surprise are evident on their faces. It is a pretty sure bet they won't be closing their accounts anytime soon.

The customers were told that they were chosen to participate in a focus group for a new ATM feature. Their reactions were recorded and made into a video. The video, which was posted on YouTube, has been watched more than three million times.

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