Modern-day Robin Hood saves residents of burning apartment building

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Modern-day Robin Hood saves residents of burning apartment building

By Joyce Lupiani. CREATED Aug 29, 2014

The mysterious philanthropist and professional gambler Robin Hood 702, who is known for donating his casino winnings to the needy, is now being called a hero for saving people from a fire in California.

According to KABC-TV Channel 7, Robin Hood 702 was driving down a street in Culver City on Thursday afternoon when he noticed smoke coming from an apartment building.

He stopped and immediately sprang into action. Robin Hood 702 threw a burning wooden rack down a flight of stairs and then went door to door, warning residents of the apartment building of the fire.

Robin Hood 702 doesn't want any credit though.

"Keeping the spotlight on the act and what I do is far greater than who I am, because I'm a nobody," Robin said. "I'm just a regular guy trying to do extraordinary things. I'm hoping that message gets out there and I'm hoping it inspires people.

Robin Hood 702 is well known for helping those in need in Las Vegas and other cities. In December 2013, he arranged for a group of well-known chefs, including celebrity White House chef Guy Mitchell, Dino Gatto of the world-famous RAO's in New York City and chef Claude Le-Tohic from the Joel Robuchon Restaurant in Las Vegas, to cook meals for the homeless in Las Vegas, Los Angeles and New York City.

In the past, he has also helped families coping with cancer and those caring for elderly relatives. He has also given people money to pay their debts.

He burned his hand in the process, but was not badly injured.

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