Judge Joe Brown sent to jail after courtroom meltdown

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Judge Joe Brown sent to jail after courtroom meltdown

By Joyce Lupiani. CREATED Mar 25, 2014

Judge Joe Brown recently found himself on the other side of the law in Memphis.

The former TV star recently lost his temper when he showed up to court as a lawyer on a child custody case and the court staff couldn't find any record of it.

According to TMZ, Judge Brown became verbally abusive towards the presiding judge in open court. TMZ says it was told that Brown was "playing to the peanut gallery" and "incited a near riot."

Brown was arrested and received five citations for contempt of court. He was then ordered to spend five days in jail, and number that rose from the original punishment of 24 hours as his outburst progressed. (Listen below.)

Brown became a household name after his syndicated reality court show "Judge Joe Brown" began airing. The show was canceled in March 2013 after 15 years. He is currently running for the district attorney's office in Shelby County, where Memphis is located.

Chief Magistrate Dan Michael, who witnessed Brown's meltdown, told CNN that the judges and staff "were all kind of floored" by his behavior.

Brown was released Monday night after his lawyer asked another judge for leniency.

Listen to the audio of the whole exchange below.

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