Apple iOS7 new features revealed


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Apple iOS7 new features revealed

By Cassie Alsup. CREATED Sep 10, 2013

Attention iPhone users! Info about the new iOS 7 is ready for consumption. Here's a few of the hottest new features that are coming out later this fall. 

Control Center
Apple is introuducing a control center that will give you all of the important settings with a quick swipe. Pause your song, adjust wi-fi settings and even get to your flashlight instantly. No search is involved with finding your important tools as fast as you need them.

Apple brags that multitasking in iOS7 "knows what you want to do before you do." It remembers when you like to access certain information (Facebook, Twitter) and, "your feed will be ready and waiting for you" says
Apple. You can access all of your open apps at once and quickly turn them off with a swipe.

While the camera's specs aren't changing, their are a few new features. Give your pics Instagram-like filters so you can doctor your photo up right inside your camera app. There's also a new "year view" feature so you can see tiny thumbnails from the entire year on a single screen.

Siri's voice (and brain) will be changing forever! Her voice will get a more realistic tone and she's even quicker than before. She'll even show her findings from within the same screen so you don't have to hop around to different apps.

No word on the actual release date.

Cassie Alsup

Cassie Alsup

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