Russian fisherman saved from bear attack by Justin Bieber ringtone

In this handout photo provided by the Miami Beach Police Department and released on March 4, 2014, singer Justin Bieber is photographed by police while in custody on January 23, 2014 in Miami Beach, Florida. Image by Getty Images

Russian fisherman saved from bear attack by Justin Bieber ringtone

By Joyce Lupiani. CREATED Aug 5, 2014

UPDATE: This story has been confirmed as an Internet hoax, albeit a widely reported one. According to the Washington Post, “Russian outlets reported only that the man’s phone announced the time. The Bieber angle seems to have been added later, in translation, perhaps to make the story more viral.”

A fisherman in Russia is claiming that he was saved by a Justin Bieber ringtone.

According to the Daily Mail, 42-year-old Igor Vorozhbitsyn was fishing at his favorite spot in northern Russia's Yakutia Republic when he was attacked by a bear.

He believed he was going to die until his phone suddenly started playing Bieber's hit song "Baby" right in the middle of the attack.

Wildlife experts say the ringtone must have startled the bear.

Vorozhbitsyn was found by other fisherman after he used the phone to call for help. He suffered cuts and severe bruises to his face and chest and is now recovering.

The fisherman was attacked by a brown bear, which can weigh up to 600 pounds when they are fully grown.

Vorozhbitsyn says that his granddaughter selected the ringtone for him as a joke.

Bieber, meanwhile, had been scheduled to appear in a Miami courtroom Tuesday morning in connection to the illegal street racing incident in January. But according to the Miami Herald, the hearing was postponed until Aug. 13. Prosecutors and Bieber's lawyers are still working on a plea deal.

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