Rock and Roll Hall of Fame trades DJ Alan Freed's ashes for Beyonce's costumes


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Rock and Roll Hall of Fame trades DJ Alan Freed's ashes for Beyonce's costumes

By Julianne Cassidy. CREATED Aug 4, 2014

An urn containing the ashes of the man who actually coined the term "rock 'n' roll" is set to be removed from Cleveland's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. 

"[DJ Alan] Freed's ashes are being ousted just days after the museum opened a Beyonce exhibit featuring the singer's costumes, including the black leotard worn in her 2008 'Single Ladies' video," reports CNN.

"Freed started playing R&B records on his Cleveland radio show in 1951, a time when stations that targeted white listeners ignored black artists. He called it 'rock 'n' roll,'" CNN explains. "His 'Moondog Coronation Ball' at the Cleveland Arena in March 1956 is considered the first major rock concert."

Freed's ashes were placed in the Hall of Fame 12 years ago.

His son, Lance Freed', believes the museum is being "disrespectful' to his father's legacy as a pioneer of rock 'n' roll," further reports CNN. 

However, the museum's Executive Director Greg Harris "defended the ouster of Freed's ashes coming at the same time that Beyonce's leotards are welcomed into the hall of fame," CNN details. "Rock and roll isn't just about yesterday," Harris says. "It continues to evolve, and we continue to embrace it and refine our operations."

Freed's family is now looking into a new location for the urn, which will also be a place for fans who want to pay their respects.

Watch above to see a preview of the Beyonce exhibit.

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