Fire Challenge appears to be a very real and dangerous game


Fire Challenge appears to be a very real and dangerous game

By Joyce Lupiani. CREATED Jul 31, 2014

A 15-year-old boy in Kentucky was burned recently after participating in a dangerous game that is trending on social media.

It is called the Fire Challenge, and it involves participants pouring a flammable liquid on their bodies and then setting it on fire. Of course, they record the whole thing and post it online.

The Lexington teenager told WKYT-TV that he had seen videos of the Fire Challenge online, but had no idea it would turn out to be so dangerous. In his case, he had to be transported to the hospital for second-degree burns and will most likely be scarred for the rest of his life.

Even more tragic is the case of 15-year-old James Shores of Buffalo, New York. According to the News Nerd, he also participated in the Fire Challenge, but wasn't so lucky.

It is sometimes hard to know if these type of things are for real or someone's idea of a joke. Remember the stories about teens putting Burt's Bees on their eyelids to get a buzz? That ultimately proved to be a joke.

That does not appear to be the case with the Fire Challenge. The video below shows a young man standing in a shower and pouring some sort of liquid on his chest. He then lights it on fire. The resulting burst of flames causes him to run screaming for water to put the fire out.

NOTE: The three videos below all contain profanities and are NOT SAFE FOR WORK.

In another YouTube video, several young men set fire to various parts of their bodies including chest, legs and genital areas. None of those young men appeared to have been harmed, but the potential is certainly there.

Finally, here is a video that shows a couple taking the challenge. Nothing bad appears to happen, but a baby can be heard in the background. Really?

Another new trend or fad that was reported on earlier this year that turned out not to be true was a report about smoking coffee. Several media outlets across the nation reported the story, but there has been no real evidence that teens (or anyone else) are smoking coffee to get high.

A warning for parents about kids smoking Smarties candies also popped up again earlier this year. Although there are a handful of videos of kids smoking Smarties online, it was ultimately concluded that it was no real threat or anything new. Apparently, kids have been doing it as a lark for years without serious side effects.

The Fire Challenge, however, appears to be very real with very real consequences, and it's something parents and others should be aware of. A 14-year-old boy in Texas is also a recent victim of the game. Facebook is reportedly deleting the Fire Challenge videos from its website. It is not known whether YouTube is taking the same action.


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