Shelby County Election Candidates Claim Fraud

Shelby County Election Candidates Claim Fraud

By Tiffany Johnson. CREATED Sep 5, 2014

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (AP) - Candidates who lost in Shelby County races in last month's election are suing election officials, alleging fraud.

The Commercial Appeal reported that nine candidates have filed suit against the Shelby County Election Commission, seeking a recount or the setting aside of results.

Filed Tuesday, the lawsuit alleges that the election commission, specifically the three Republican members of the five-member commission, prevented the candidates "and the voters of Shelby County Tennessee a free and unimpaired exercise of their franchise."

The suit said the candidates "allege fraud, willful, deliberate and continuous dereliction of duty on a long term and continuous basis" by the commission.

The eight-page complaint is signed by former TV judge Joe Brown, who lost the district attorney general race to Amy Weirich by some 44,000 votes.

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