New Search Tools Provide Drivers With Recall Information

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New Search Tools Provide Drivers With Recall Information

By Jennifer Kraus. CREATED Aug 28, 2014

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - How safe is your car?

One new study found that one out of every six vehicles in Nashville has an open recall, meaning there's been a safety recall issued for that car or truck and the problem hasn't been fixed.

One reason for that is that often people are not aware of the recall. But there are two new and free ways to find out about any dangerous issues with your vehicle to help keep you and your family safe.

According to the Federal Government, there are millions of cars, trucks, and vans on the road that have been recalled due to safety issues and those problems have never been repaired.

Tori Coffee, of Nashville, had no idea her Chevrolet Impala had been recalled recently for a brake light problem.

"If I would have known, I would have gone that day. I found out today, so I'll probably be going when I leave here," Coffee explained.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said more times than not, the safety problems are not fixed because drivers don't know about the recall.

But the NHTSA is hoping to change that with a new, free search tool on its website. Simply type in your VIN or vehicle identification number, and you'll get information about any recalls issued specifically for your vehicle and whether the vehicle has had the necessary repair.

Meanwhile, Carfax, the company that sells vehicle history reports, now has a free app called MyCarfax that gives you the same information. Only with this app, you don't need the VIN. Just type in your license plate number and not only will you see any open recalls for your vehicle, or recalled issues that you've not had fixed yet, but Carfax said it will also notify you of any future recalls.

That's how we found Tori Coffee's recalled brake light and how another Nashville driver, Jimmy Ramsey, discovered his company vehicle, a Chevy HHR, has three separate recall issues that have never been addressed.

"I didn't think it had problems because it gets me to A to B. But I find out I've got three problems in the car, so it's something to get checked into to get fixed," Ramsey told NewsChannel5 Investigates.

A new NHTSA rule requires automakers and motorcycle manufacturers to update the information weekly.

And, NHTSA suggests drivers use the search tool to check not only their own car, but any vehicles they rent and before buying any used vehicles.

Tori Coffee said she welcomes the additional information and peace of mind.

"Because I want to feel like I'm safe in my car," Coffee stated.

You can also use the MyCarfax search without an app on their website

Jennifer Kraus

Jennifer Kraus

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