Videographer Provides Glimpse Into ‘Thursday’s Baby’ Commercial

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Videographer Provides Glimpse Into ‘Thursday’s Baby’ Commercial

CREATED Jul 31, 2014

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – A weekly TV commercial featuring newborn babies has become a tradition in Middle Tennessee, and one person makes it all happen.

Since December of 1999, Baptist Hospital, now Saint Thomas Midtown, has featured newborns in its weekly ad campaign.

"Thursday's Baby" has become so popular that families compete for the chance to have their babies on TV. The entire process begins in videographer Brett Beauregard’s office at Saint Thomas Midtown in Nashville

Each Thursday, he locates a baby born that day, either at Saint Thomas Midtown or Saint Thomas Rutherford in Murfreesboro. He packs up his gear and heads off to meet the new member of the family.

Beauregard has been shooting and editing the segment for 12 years.

"Actually, it kind of got me emotional. That was before I had kids, and it was cool to see what my future could be. That's a deep thing to say I guess," said Beauregard.

Now, he's a father himself and said he never gets tired of his job.

"It's pretty amazing and now I've got three kids, and it's just something special to see every day. It makes you appreciate life. I think it's a miracle," he said.

Over the years, "Thursday's Baby" has featured twins, triplets and babies in the NICU.